• LBV Lawyers in China

    From May 7 to 14, 2024, LBV AVOCATS was represented by Mickaël LE BORLOCH in China as part of the exchange between the ROUEN Bar Association and the NINGBO Bar Association. NINGBO is a Chinese city with a population of 10 million, located approximately 200 kilometers south of Shanghai. It is currently the world’s largest […]

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    Initiating the Dismissal Procedure: Pre-Disciplinary Hearing

    The prospect of dismissal is a stressful moment for an employee, sparking numerous questions. What attitude should one adopt upon receiving the dreaded registered letter? How does one prepare and defend their rights? This article aims to address the main questions that arise at this juncture in one’s professional journey. 1. Pre-Disciplinary Hearing Convocation Article […]

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    Bullying in Schools

    How to React When Your Child is a Victim of Bullying? What to Do to Help Them? Who to Turn to? The figures reported by the government are alarming: nearly one million children have experienced bullying over the past three years, and on average, two students per class are victims of bullying. Bullying in schools […]

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    When establishing a business, many entrepreneurs choose not to purchase premises but to seek a commercial lease instead. This choice offers various advantages, notably by not putting pressure on the company’s cash flow at its inception and by more easily allowing the possibility of changing locations to accommodate the company in places better suited to […]


    Workplace Discrimination

    Every year, the Defender of Rights, an independent administrative authority aimed at combating discrimination and promoting equality, publishes its barometer on discrimination in employment. The latest report from December 2023 focused on employees affected by chronic illnesses and their experiences of discrimination in the workplace. However, discrimination can take various forms, and it’s important to […]

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    Patent Law

    Patents are conceived as tools to encourage technological innovation and drive technical progress, which in turn is seen as a source of economic and social advancement. Inventors are incentivized to innovate and patent their creations because they are granted exclusivity for a specified period, allowing them to recoup research and development expenses. A patent grants […]

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