Mickaël Le Borloch est avocat au Barreau de Rouen et Docteur en droit.

The lawyer


Mickaël Le Borloch is a lawyer at the Rouen Bar and a Doctor at Law.

After obtaining his law degree from the La Sapienza University in Rome and a degree in English literature in France, Mickaël LE BORLOCH graduated at La Sorbonne University in English and North American business laws.

Mickaël LE BORLOCH wrote his doctoral dissertation on “The Application Of Copyright To Hyperlinks – Analysis Of French And American Laws” between La Sorbonne University in Paris and Columbia University in New York . He was awarded a scholarship from the Alliance program. You can access the resulting article at number 258 of the International Copyright Review (RIDA).

Mickaël Le Borloch also graduated from the University of Southern California (United States) where he gratuated from the Master degree of Business Law (LL.M.).

In addition to his legal profession, Mickaël LE BORLOCH lectures in intellectual property law, copyright, trademark law, patent law, communication and marketing law, contract law and tort law.

Marquage de parragraphe

Mickaël Le Borloch represents authors, artists, companies, associations, and public institutions.

He is a member of the International Literary and Artistic Association (ALAI), of the Sorbonne Institute of Legal Research and of the Center for Studies and Research in Digital Law of the University of Sceaux (CERDI). Mickaël Le Borloch is also a member of the Club of Patrons of the Opéra de Rouen and of Normandie Livre et Lecture.

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