The Office

The attorney profession is regulated and subject to the Bar control.

The company is oriented towards new technologies and is connected to be more available.

Consistent with the attorneys professional, Mickaël LE BORLOCH drafts an engagement letter with the client. The fees are fixed on a flat rate or on an hourly basis.

The law firm considers your financial situation and therefore accepts legal assistance. It also works with your legal insurance so that it covers part of the fees. A success fee may be offered.

Je jure, comme avocat, d'exercer mes fonctions avec dignité, conscience, indépendance, probité et humanité 

LBV Avocats

11 rue Saint-Jacques

76000 ROUEN

Tél : 0954002216

Fax : 0957138297

LBV Avocats

4 rue de Rome

75008 Paris

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